Tuesday, November 6, 2012


I am thankful for pictures. Photographs. I love looking at lil Cody & Caden and the funny faces they make. I love old pictures of my husband, my mom, me, and so on. I am thankful for this visiual "history." 


Here snakey snakey

mommy & Caden at the snake farm

We love cake 

Big Cody doing a latter challange
I am sure you can tell from the pictures I take and post that this was obivious. I got another Groupon earlier this year that was for a photo book from Shutterfly.com. I have since made 3 books from our family and 1 for my mom and 1 for Cody's mom. (All with coupons of course!) I love it. I love sharing our memories through pictures. And they help me feel like I know my family members I never get to see. I will know my nieces and nephews when I see them thanks to facebook and photos! It makes me happy!  

I hope you enjoyed these pictures! 

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