Saturday, November 17, 2012

It's Wet; It's Clear; It's Amazing

It's Water! Yes, I am thankful for water. I am adding I am thankful for running water, and hot water. But in the just water catagory I am thankful for water and for all that I use it for and am able to do. I mean, duh water. We all need it to live. We use it to clean (ourselves, our clothes, our dishes, floors, cars, kids, pets, driveways, what ever, so much!) We use it for entertainment (swimming, skiiing, fishing, splash pads, water balloon fights, squirt guns, water parks, and more.)  I know it is easy to say, really, Shawndel, water? But think about it, if the plumbing stopped and you had no running water what would you do? Some times we take the smallest things for granted. This is a huge one. Thanks God for the water.

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