Sunday, November 4, 2012


Butters and Spiderman meets Texas
He sits in lotsa of different seats. He loves Butters, too! 
I am thankful for my minivan, Butters! She gets me and my peeps where we need to go in comfort and style! 

Comfortably seats eight

View from Butter's window
Caden waiting in the front seat of Butters.
Hanging out in the wagon in the back of Butters
I love my car! It is great. I love being a minivan owner. (Side note here: I am thankful for my husband and his sacrifices so that we can have a nice brand new (this past February) new car, but he will be his own post later this month.)  Also a shout out to Kristen. We got the name Butters from her cat. This car is sleek like butter. It is a mom car, like cooking with butter is my mom's thing. It is all Butters! I love this van! 

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