Sunday, July 25, 2010

Just a quicky

So much to blog about so little time.

It is hard to play catch up with the blogging. I post pictures on my facebook almost as we do things so that is like a photo blog, I guess.

I will start most recent and work my way backwards. I have 6 minutes, let's see what I can do and tell you about.

Last seen on Friday: Mouse, our little cat has gone missing. This is sad to me. I hope he has found a new loving family.

Last seen on Wednesday: Little Cody's front tooth. My little precious 2 year old knocked his front tooth out at day care. He was running after two other boys and tripped on a pillow and some how knocked his tooth out from the root! This was traumatic for me, mostly. He seems to be doing fine.

Out of order: Thursday we had our appointment with a group of doctors and therapists. Cody's official diagnosis was he is not autistic. He has some language articulation disorder and something else. But not autism. This is awesome news. I am out of time. Read me later. :)

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Team Mantor

My husband has been wanting to make family shirts for a while now. Actually he wanted to have them made. We plan to open a shop one day where my husband builds custom motorcycles. We are calling it MOB Shop Customs. (Mantor Owned Bike Shop Customs.) He wanted shirts for that. With the girls we have also been talking about making Team Mantor shirts. Just a family shirt. Well, I had a Hobby Lobby gift card I got for Christmas. I used it and the girls and I made these:

Names on the front. Team Mantor on the back...

We are wearing them to Grandma Alice's house today. I don't have a picture of Cody in one yet. But I am sure I will get one today!