Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Day 2 of 30 of LB

A name a name, what is with this kids name?  Ha!

So, dear Cody, you have many a nick names. I will start with the one above. I think this may have been mentioned in blogs past, but here goes: Your nickname LB basically started when you got home from the hospital. You had an older "adopted" sister Bella. She was your older sister so you became Little Brother a.k.a LB.  Yes, yes, Bella was a cat. A great one, too. (May she rest in peace.)

Then just before you turned 2 you got two new older sisters, Stephanie & Mariana. So the nickname, LB stuck.

Mommy also calls you Lil' C. This is mostly for differentiating between you and your daddy when writing about you on facebook or something. But also I like Lil' C because I watched/started watching the show "So You Think You Can Dance" when I was nursing you. They have a crazy hip hop / krump judge / choreographer on there called Lil' C. When I knew I was going to marry your daddy Big Cody I as trying to think of other names to call you so we didn't get confused. (He gets confused, your silly daddy.) So Lil C was something my friend Angela and I joked about. It kind of stuck, too.
Lil C from SYTYCD

Lil C & Mouse the Cat

Since daddy & you share the same name we usually call you Little Cody or Cody little when you are both around. You respond to it as much as you respond to any thing. Ha. You are so silly.

We also call you, Coders, Code Man, Code, Cody bodey, your grandma Tina calls you little Man.
I call you pint size pip squeek because it is funny. Lately I have been calling you a Silly sil. Because you are so silly. Tune in tomorrow for some more of that silly sil ness.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Lil Cody 30 days.... Day 1

Dear Lil Cody,
Every day in a million little ways you impress me and make me happy. I want to do a blog a day about the cuteness that is you. Since you are also super crazy and some nights I don’t even get five minutes to myself I am going to do this. 30 blogs/letters to you about your cuteness between now and 06/30/2011. I think that gives me leeway to miss 1 day. Ha.

So today I begin. You crack me up. A few months ago I told you daddy was sleeping and you said, “daddy sleep’en? Then you make this crazy hilarious snoring sound. You were “doing daddy sleeping.” After that any time I say, Do daddy sleeping you would do a fake snore. It is so funny.

Now you fake sleep. When I tell you it is time to go to sleep, you start snoring. The other day I told you I knew were faking because your eyes were open. So you closed your eyes and tried to look at me so your eye lids were fluttering and not closed at all. It was pretty funny. So we did the whole thing again a few days later. You got a little better looking at me through half massed eyes. I love it!


Your mom!

Monday, May 23, 2011

One last day with Linda-la

Linda came back for one last weekend before she heads home in a few short weeks. I am so thankful for the chance I had to be her host mom and to get to know her. She is an amazing girl and we will truly miss her.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Ouch my teeth, my face.

My teeth hurt my face. Use my cautionary tale. If you get a root canal get that permanent filling they recommend. I had 2 teeth pulled. Emergency surgery. Geeze. I tell you, I am a mess.
Picture one (of me) gauze mouth.picture two : broken smile. The paralysis lasted over 6 hours on that side.
Picture three : cubby cheeks smile
Picture four : more cubby broken non smile cheeks
Picture five : bruise cheek (day 3)

Healing, but, it hurts so bad today, got food in the gummy area, I think. Follow up appointment monday.
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Sunday, May 8, 2011


little cody did not want to get off...Like father like son! He loved it. 3 rides and then 15 minutes of tears when it was over.
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