Monday, May 30, 2011

Lil Cody 30 days.... Day 1

Dear Lil Cody,
Every day in a million little ways you impress me and make me happy. I want to do a blog a day about the cuteness that is you. Since you are also super crazy and some nights I don’t even get five minutes to myself I am going to do this. 30 blogs/letters to you about your cuteness between now and 06/30/2011. I think that gives me leeway to miss 1 day. Ha.

So today I begin. You crack me up. A few months ago I told you daddy was sleeping and you said, “daddy sleep’en? Then you make this crazy hilarious snoring sound. You were “doing daddy sleeping.” After that any time I say, Do daddy sleeping you would do a fake snore. It is so funny.

Now you fake sleep. When I tell you it is time to go to sleep, you start snoring. The other day I told you I knew were faking because your eyes were open. So you closed your eyes and tried to look at me so your eye lids were fluttering and not closed at all. It was pretty funny. So we did the whole thing again a few days later. You got a little better looking at me through half massed eyes. I love it!


Your mom!

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