Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Time to get ready ready ready....

For the day.
But first a quick post. My friend Michelle and her kids came over last Friday and we had a slumber party. We took the boys to Burger King. Then in the morning we went to the Stake pancake breakfast, then it was off to the Zoo. It was loads a fun!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Upside down babeeeeeee!

Cody and I have played this game since he first started smiling and giggling. I would lay on my back and hold him above me and tip him a little so he would be slightly upside down. Then I would say "Upside down baby (eeee)" in a sign song voice as I was flipping him slowly back up. We still do this from time to time. But now I think he has found he enjoys standing on his head. Last night when he shoulda been laying down he was doing this.
He does this a lot.
Maybe his breathing treatments get to him. Haha. On a side note, his mommy use to love to stand on her head. Silly, but true. Betcha didn't know that about me.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Over the desert and through the heat to granmother's house we go...

My mom and dad live about an hour away from us. Every time there is a birthday in the family we all get together and mom makes a party for the kids. (Her grandkids) and we all eat. Yum. And there is usually cake. Like I said we love cake (me and Cody and Bella that is.) Today we got together for our October birthday. It was Jeaniece birthday. Here are some pictures from today. The birthday girl. (With no make up! Gasp! She still looks beautiful!)
Breghten giving a wink. Ryan and Lauren and Jeaniece. Ryan was making Cody laugh and laugh. Prize time. Ethan and Hudson.
Dad's Baby Bonnie Pinata time.
One day one of these kid's is gonna get wacked in the head, because 3 adults can't keep 5 boy from rushing for the Smarties. Hahaha.
Ethan got it pretty good.
Then Abe had a whack and I manned the string. And pulled it off. Candy was every where! So fun!

Thanks Grams and Gramps!

We love cake

The other day I was in on the computer tending to my farm on facebook. (I am about to copy my cousin Heather and give up the farmville life for my real life. My house needs some cleaning. Anyways.) I was in here on the computer and Cody was playing in the other room. I turned around and this was what I saw....

I thought the trail of cupcake was awesome. And the fact that he had one in each hand and was eating both of them. I even made a little video. It was soo funny!