Tuesday, November 29, 2011

My 3 year old is halirous

Ok, he will be 4 in 2 months but honestly this kid cracks me up.  For example, yesterday I was trying to bargain with him. I had been trying to get him to write his name. He was about at the end of the "play time" with the writing and learning games so I told him if he wrote his name for me he could have an ice cream sandwich.  He stopped trying to ignore me and looked at me and laughed as he said, "Ice cream sandwich? That's funny. That is silly, ice cream Sandwich!"  I told him not really it was good he would like it and he said, "Ew gross." He finally wrote out his name for me as best he could and as a result got the (mini) ice cream sandwich, which he did not in fact think was gross at all. Ha.

At Six Flags dancing to a Bugs Bunny Show
You thought that was sort of cute, how about this one?  I have some glass glasses that I bring out some time for fun. The other morning I poured some egg nog in these "fancy" glasses (they look like champagne glasses.)  Cody wanted to try some so I handed him a glass. He was facing away from me and toward the girls. I told him, "be careful. That glass can break easily."  I wish I would have caught his response on video. He was holding the stem of the glass in both hands. He shuffled his feet first to the right and then the left pretending to tip the glass each way as he moved back and forth saying, "Woah, woah..."  I was so surprise. I asked the girls if he really just did what I thought he did.  I repeated the movement I say and sure enough this kid was messing with me with his sarcastic humor. What 3 year old do you know that is so silly?  It was so stinkin funny!!

He is learning a lot. He can almost write his name. He gets sort of stuck on the Y and tries to make the D a capital letter then adds the straight line part.  He is still working on talking more clearly. He knows the colors. He knows letters and numbers. He is learning to write them out.  He is currently in the fridge (oh make that freezer) helping himself to a snack.  It was an ice cream sandwich. Mommy had to say no to that one tonight as he has already had one.

When he doesn't want to do some thing he says, "Daddy, says no." As in daddy does not want him to do what I am telling him to do.  It is pretty funny. When he realizes daddy does agree with me he then says, "miss Liz says no." (His daycare lady.) That is what I get for telling him Miss Liz or daddy would want him to do what ever it is I am asking him to do.
His most special talent is burping the ABC's.  He is channeling some old friends of mine with that one. He can burp on command and thinks it is pretty funny. My husband and my grandma disagree. I dislike it when he wont stop but I have to admit sometimes it is funny. Gross but funny.
He defiantly has a personality. And I love it!
Now if only I could get him to sleep in his own bed again when daddy is working nights.
 This video was a month ago or so...

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I like the Fro Big Cody said No!




Our pet's can teach lotsa life lessons.

Sad sad day. Little Mousey went away. I though he'd come back another day, but it seems he was away to stay. So sad.

So we moved into our new house last month. (Still renting for now.) When we moved in the dog smell in the carpet was so bad we asked to have it replaced. The day they changed the carpet I was at work. The carpet guys let the cat named Mouse out. He never found his way home. I think maybe he couldn't find us. The whole smell of the place changed. Cody thought maybe he went to try to find his was the 20 miles to our old house. Aww. Little Cody knows Mouse is gone and probably not coming back.  Big Cody felt so bad he kept telling me to go to the pound and let a new one pick to live with us. I wasn't sure I was ready for that. 

About 3 weeks later we saw a sign in our neighborhood with a picture of a cat and a message that said, "Am I yours?" This picture looked so much like Mouse. I called right away and left a message. We waited 15 minutes and called from Cody's number since mine is long distance. Still no answer and no call back. Until... we were in bed at like 10 on a Thursday and got a call.  It was the lady who had the cat! Yippie! After a big discussion about this cat we decided I just needed to come see. As I was making plans to meet her after work on Friday Big Cody says, "Go now. You will be stressing out all day if you don't go now. She just got home so she's up. Just go. And take your phone so she can see a picture of Mouse so she doesn't think you are some crazy lady trying to steal a cat." Ha. he is so eloquent.  So I went. At 10:15pm. In my jammies. When I got to the house and she opened the door I took one look at this cat and knew it was not our missing kitty.  I let her know. She said she didn't think it would be (Based on our conversation and the fact she was thinking this cat she has was a girl.)  But she told me the cat she rescued needed a new home. No one else had called and she couldn't keep her much longer.  So that is how Lady Girl came to be the newest member of Team Mantor.  It is also the reason she looks like Bella and Mouse. (You may remember we found Mouse when we were on the look out for Bella one night when she was stuck in a closet. I miss her so much.)  You can't tell from the picture below but Lady Girl is huge. The girls say she looks like she ate Mouse. Or she is what it would look like if Mouse and Bella had a baby. Only she is older. Ha.

We still have hopes that Mouse will find his way back, but honestly he is such a good loving house cat that I think he probably found himself a new loving family.

In other pet news, we gave Adam Baldwin to a Baldwin family. Seriously. One of Mariana's friends brothers.  Then a few weeks later the girls took their snakes "home" to their mothers.  Two days after that the snakes got out of their cage and are still at large.  After many hours looking to no avail the snakes are still hidden.

For those counting this left us here at our house with John Casey. The big one. He was in a temporary cage in the garage. He got out of that so Big Cody put him in a pillow case over night. The next day I got home from work and the case was empty in the living room floor. I assumed big Cody had put him back in a cage outside.  I found out the next day I was wrong. This large snake is also at large. He is a Colombian Boa. He is friendly so far but waaay strong.  So grandma & grandpa, you can rest at ease. We have no snakes here any more. At least that we know where are.  Maybe that isn't more relaxing than knowing where he was in his cage, locked in and outside. hoe hum....

Mariana's Birthday

September 2011
We got all pretty'd up and went to the Riverwalk for Mariana's 15th birthday. She got to be an alligator in public. Her dream come true!