Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

We are so happy my parents moved closer. They live about an hour away from us. We have gotten to drive out the last 2 weekends. They have a lot of painting to do. This is the grandkids play room "before."

They have a pool and tons of fun stuff to do. Of all the dress up clothes this seems to be the most popular piece...

We sure love grandma and grandpa!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Status Update (s)

I am on face book waaay more than I think to blog. These are some status updates about what is really going on in our lives....

6/14 - teeth came in for my Coders today! 2 at one time. Nicesh!
~Actually 2 with 2 close behind!

6/14 - is driving back to my house from my parents house so I can get there in time to wall to church.
~ I meant walk. We have walked every week since Mother's Day. I plan to keep it up.

6/13 - The movie Up was better the second time. Who knew? star trek, Up, land of the lost night, at the museum, terminator. That is my order for these summer flicks.
~ Ok, Night at the Museum was a better movie than Land of the Lost. Fine.

6/13 - Oh Christian Bale, when you sing Santa Fe in Newsies it makes me love you all over again.
~Driving to my parents new home in Florence. About an hour away from my house. Cody and I were listening to our tunes.

6/13 6am - Who disturbs my slumber? it tis I, Cody, says my little guy. Or rather he might if he talked.
~ He fell back to sleep and slept til 10am! He never sleeps that long! I guess it was the teeth trying to come in.

6/12 11:40 pm - Time for sleep. so tired and we've got more unpacking and unloading to do tomorrow morning. (Before taking my friends son to the movies for the first time ever in his life.)
~ The John's and Cody and I went to see Up. We were at my parents house. (They got their keys Friday night so we drove over. Came home Saturday to go to the movies and get more clothes and drove back after the movie. I got pretty bruised up helping unload the truck!

6/12 - 5:10pm It is a special occasion. you know what that means. Chino Bandido! For those of you who don't know I have limited my Chino Bandido trips to special occasions only.
~ I gained 15lbs from that one dinner. That is why it is a special occasion place only!!

6/11 - 9:36pm My mom and dad get the keys to their new house in AZ tomorrow. woo hoo! they will only be about 45 minutes away from us.
~ Turns out it is 55 minutes per map quest. I was follow by a sheriff for about 10 miles of it one time. That was fun. That time it did take about an hour!

6/10 - 7:22pm My inner dork is coming out. I am excited to be watching SYTYCD!!
~So You Think You Can Dance is a TV show. (I know you know, but I am adding that for Cody for later in life if he ever reads my blog.)

That's it for now. I have to get going. Work time. Blah be boop.