Friday, April 5, 2013

Cody is 5!

 Every year we do birthday pictures. This year they were done by Laura Hulsey Photography. She does such a great job with my boys! She knows how active lil Cody can be so she took him to a park and followed them around.  She ended up with over 45 beautiful portraits of Cody & Caden.  

I love the black & white, but the colors really pop! He is so cute! 

Enjoy!! Do you have a favorite? 

I made a college of the merry-go-round shots for the blog here. Each of these images is a great shot by itself.

Lil Cody told me he loves this one!

This is Cody's grow with me shirt and bear. Every year he takes his picture in this shirt and we get to see how much he is growing. And the little bear, too. It was with him in the hospital. 

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

That's my boy

The consistency of which lil Cody puts his pants, shoes and shorts on backwards makes me think maybe his head and feet were actually put on backwards.