Wednesday, May 26, 2010

How the days fly by

As time goes on and the days fly by I find I am not having time to catch up with myself and my blogging. I am happy people are still blogging and posting. I am mostly using the facebook to post pictures.

Cody is 2 years and almost 4 months old now. He is so cute. I know I think it because I am his mom. It makes me feel really happy when total strangers feel the need to tell me when we are out and about. People are sweet and funny and all kinds of random.

Cody really loves his sisters. He has really bonded with them. Every time they come over he runs up to them. He knows they are awesome and love him, too.

He is my sweet sweet boy.

Here is the skinny. There is a lot going on with him. And not enough, really. Here is the run down. I feel so unorganized. This week is vacation for me and my sister is here and I am loving it. We are having so much fun. But this vacation is not the one I get to get caught up with myself and get on task. Maybe the next week I have off. Hee hee. Ok, there was a bit of a tangent. I was about to tell you the info on little Cody. Read on after the jump if you want to. My sister told me tonight that Cody is still like a baby. He should be acting like a toddler but, he is still like a baby. It makes me sad, but in a way it is true. Cody doesn't talk. He has a hard time communicating. He has a hard time in general when his routine is off too much like it is this week. (We are getting bouts of crying fits.) He can't tell me what is wrong. He loves to cuddle. He likes playing ball with people. He likes to clap. He enjoys me reading to him. He loves it when I sing to him. He walks and runs and jumps. He feeds himself and is a great eater. He is a bit small for his age. In the 24 percentile or some such thing. He doesn't change his own clothes or even take them off (except his shoes and socks.) He will put his bowl in the sink and go get the kitty, but never leave the room to get a diaper or his shoes. He still does some signs but uses Please and More interchangeably. He confuses Thank you and Blowing Kisses thanks to his school thinking he was being cute and teaching/changing the thank you to kisses. Some signs he has stopped using all together, as well. What does all this mean? Well, we don't really know for sure. Except that like Jeaniece said, he doesn't seem to be caught up.
"They" told me he would be caught up by the time he was two. That he should be "normal" by then. He isn't. This is what we have been doing: He has the Texas early intervention program, Brighton coming to his day care every other week for an hour to work with him. We have had his hearing checked and found out he has fluid behind his right ear drum. It is not infected. It is causing some hearing loss. We have an appointment next week with the a Speech Specialist. This doctor is not through the state. It is a private doctor. Then 2 days later we follow up with the hearing specialist. This doctor hopefully will know and let us know if tubes will help. (Cody has only ever had one ear infection that we have known about.) The fluid behind his eardrum is not infected. Then in the following weeks already scheduled is the appointment with the Autism network. All of these appointment are second and third appointments following up on tests and analizations they have already done for/on him.

I really think he is handling every thing like a trooper. I talked with my cousin Hollie a few weeks ago. She told me I seem to be handling all of this pretty well. I am not sure how I am handling it. I am loving him. I am doing the best job I can. I wish I had more time to be with him and focus on teaching him and helping him. I don't know how, though, even if I did have the time. So, I am trying. I am taking him to all of these appoints and will get lessons on what we are suppose to do and what we can do to help him. Big Cody, or daddy as we refer to him to Lil Cody is so supportive and helpful. He is so patient and loving and kind. I can see the love and bond between them growing every day. I love my Cody's so much.

This blog took a turn I wasn't really expecting. Thanks for reading. Sorry it is so long, this is more for me than anything else, I guess. I suppose I needed to share.