Monday, September 24, 2012

A Daycare Day

I am awesome. Not as awesome as some ladies that blog. My blog is not just focused on my kids or my food I make or my great crafts or my organizational ideas. It is a mix, but mostly my kids.  In order to get to stay home with my kids I started an in home daycare. Shawndel's In-Home Daycare.  I love it. I only have a total for 4 full time right now and that is counting my 2. It keeps me busy. I have a schedule we try to go by. And pretty much do, at least roughly most days. I make my menus for each week and serve breakfast and lunch. We have tons of fun.  We do a craft and a little lesson each day. I try to plan my lesson plans a week out at a time, too. The kids span in ages so the learning is varied.

Some of our fun, food and crafting:

Playing Pretend

Nap Time

Magnet board. We mounted to the wall. 

Friend Circle

Stuffed toy fun

Letter C for Caterpillar craft

Necklaces and Learning Patterns

Lunch! Yum! 

Saturday, September 22, 2012

It's gone

It was only a day and a half. We no longer have a dog. I am not ready. I tried to tell my sweet husband for months. like at least the last 12. I am not/can not have a new baby a new in home daycare and a new dog. It just doesn't make any sense.  I found her a loving home. 

On another note: 

That beauty sleep thing - totally working for Caden. He gets cuter every day and he has been sleeping lots. 

See for your self: 

One day old - June 2

June 29

July 4

This picture makes me laugh so I am sharing it

July 27th-ish

August 9th

September 3rd

All tuckered out 

Today September 22nd

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

I (might one day) Love Lucy

Some days you are minding your own business and sleeping at 5:45 am, when your husband come homes from work and kindly waits until your pre-alarm goes off to put a puppy on your bed and tells you he "accidently" on purpose "rescued" a puppy.

Today was that day for me. I think he is nuts! You don't get a new dog when you have a new baby. My sisters and sister in law all learned this the hard way. I was hoping not to have to learn that lesson myself. My husband disagreed. So for better or worse Lucy M. seems to be here to stay

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Rain Rain Come Back

Today we took a walk up the street to the mail box like we do most days.  After we got there I decided to go around the long block. Which is up hill both ways. :)  I checked the weather report this morning because we have had awesome clouds in the sky, it said in the 3 o'clock hour there was a 36% chance of rain. Perfect.

It rained. Hard for this area. When we got back there was a little stream coming off the roof. It was really little more than sprinkling but it was fun.  We had to hurry back since Caden was in the front carrier.  It was Caden's first walk in the rain.  He seemed to enjoy it for the most part. Cody was running ahead while I pushed Lil JJ in ride along car and carried 2 year old B on my shoulder.  (Kids form my in-home daycare.)

Of course we didn't get any pictures but we had a great time! These are some other pictures from today.

I love how he pulled the little blankie up to his face. that is the first time I have seen him do that!

Yum! Lunch! 

They kids were playing out side. I heard giggling. I came out to catch this! 

They gave up on the side walk and decided to "color" each other! 

Playing trains

Learning through laying? 

This doesn't feel like nap time to me! 

Cody says....

I finally got some more of these awesome things written down. So now I share them with you.

Cody some times sounds like an adult with a small kid voice and face. He is still only 4. So young.  Some times I feel like, wow! I can't believe he is already 4! He is so old! But, no, he is still so young, and smart and sassy and sweet and funny and a punk. I love him so much!

I apologize if some of these are repeats.  But here are some recent one liners that he says that make me smile.

"I've got a big problem here."

"Something must be wrong"

I asked him if his knee was damaged after he hurt himself and he said, "Mommy, don't say that!"  Dam-age = bad word. Haha!

"one more mommy & that's it!"

"Mommy, I was wondering....."

"What the heck?"

"Daddy said no." This comes when he does not want me to do something or he doesn't want to take a bath or go to bed. Usually when daddy is still at work! Ha.

"Be it fish or tiny mote."  He is quoting up and it should be "be it fish or tiny mole," but he says mote and I laugh every time.

In sacrament meeting he loudly exclaimed to me, "Mommy, I need a hot dog!" He was hungry.

"Awww crumba-sticks!"

"Give me a hug, please! I need one so much."

"It's time to wake up. See the sun? It's back."

"What ever, forget about it."

"Look mom, I am Cody with the Floaties!"

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

So proud to be a big brother!

"Can I hold Caden? I can be gentle." 

"That's my Caden. I am his brother." 

"Mommy, I love my brother. Caden is sooo cute!" 

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Phineas & Ferb on Stage

We like Phineas & Ferb. And by we I mean all of Team M. We think it is funny. All 6 of us can watch it and enjoy it.  Big Cody and I got to take the boys to see it Live! Caden slept the entire time! We loved it. The characters looked crazy weird with odd faces but, eh.  Perry, Ferb annd Bueford looked ok. Check it out on You Tube to see how "Scary" & "weird" Candice, Isabella & Jeremy look!  The songs were fun and it held little Cody's interest the whole time.

 Caden slept! 

 We went to Denny's to wait out the traffic! 

Monday, September 10, 2012

Noisy noisy boys

My Caden is loud! I have never met a baby who was so loud when he was happy. He coos sometimes and that is so sweet, but the majority of his volume comes from his breathing.  So far what we've gathered from specialist is he is under developed in some things and that is what is causing it. He should grow out of it they say. I hope so. Big Cody is not so sure since he was a loud breathing baby and it never stopped. (Until he got his sleep apena machine.) Caden has stridors which is a medical term for noisy breathing. Seriously. He also has 2 other things going on that I can't spell so I will spare the names.

Caden also cries. I realize pretty much all babies cry, but with little Cody night time crying was kept to a minimum. I was a single mom with him and I am pretty sure the Lord knows what he was doing in blessing me that way. Caden's night time crying is due to the serve acid reflux he has. (He had an upper GI that showed just how bad it is.)  So when he does cry, many does he cry! He had got some great lungs!

One other noise he makes is slurping. It is when he is devouring his little hands that he makes these amazing loud slurping noises.

Now he is doing a soft whiny cry that will get louder if I don't leave this post and give him the attention he is asking for.  But a picture for you to enjoy,,,,