Thursday, September 13, 2012

Rain Rain Come Back

Today we took a walk up the street to the mail box like we do most days.  After we got there I decided to go around the long block. Which is up hill both ways. :)  I checked the weather report this morning because we have had awesome clouds in the sky, it said in the 3 o'clock hour there was a 36% chance of rain. Perfect.

It rained. Hard for this area. When we got back there was a little stream coming off the roof. It was really little more than sprinkling but it was fun.  We had to hurry back since Caden was in the front carrier.  It was Caden's first walk in the rain.  He seemed to enjoy it for the most part. Cody was running ahead while I pushed Lil JJ in ride along car and carried 2 year old B on my shoulder.  (Kids form my in-home daycare.)

Of course we didn't get any pictures but we had a great time! These are some other pictures from today.

I love how he pulled the little blankie up to his face. that is the first time I have seen him do that!

Yum! Lunch! 

They kids were playing out side. I heard giggling. I came out to catch this! 

They gave up on the side walk and decided to "color" each other! 

Playing trains

Learning through laying? 

This doesn't feel like nap time to me! 

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