Monday, March 8, 2010

My Family & Me

These are from our wedding day.

Bella Ella Ell.. hey hey...

Best new Bella story. The short version. Bella was missing. My daughter Mariana and I went on a hunt to find her. We recreated her night from the muddy cat foot prints on the top of my car and down the window and on the top of the garbage can. Then we followed the trail to the back yard. Our flash light beheld some cats a few houses away. We ran to the front. And to the house we saw the cats in the back of. There we called for Bella. This little cat came up and jumped into our arms. It was a mini Bella. Like she had lost a ton of weight and shrunk (and in the light it was obvious she lost all the orange from her fur too.) Ok, ok we knew it wasn't Bella. But we brought Little Bella, ella ella home and told Big Cody that it was Bella and she musta had a busy day. Haha. We fed the starving baby and then determined it was a boy. Then we found the real Bella locked in a closet for the whole day! Poor Bella. And she still hates the new cat! We are keeping him. His name was going to be Mouse but I think that is too confusing to little Cody. I wanted to name him see-a-tee. or c-a-t. Cat. Hahah.