Monday, April 11, 2011

Fun in the San Antonio sun

I say it all the time.. I love this kid!
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Slide time

It is a hot afternoon here in san antonio.
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Gonna be a great day

Today's gonna be great, got the world on a plate,

Can't wait to start the day.

Bells are ringing and birds are singing, and

you can hear the whole world say, Hooray!

Wake up its a wonderful morning

Wake up its a wonderful day

Good Morning, and Good Morning Mickey

Its gonna be a great, yes indeed a great,

Its gonna be a great DAY!

I know it is missing a verse. I get this song stuck in my head a lot. 95% of you have probably never heard it, or don't remember it. (From a Mickey Mouse show on Disney channel when I was in I think junior high or high school.)  Any who... It is gonna be a great, got the world on a plate kind of day because I say so and I believe it.

I am so excited. The last, I dunno, like 3 days or so Cody little has been talking to me in whole sentences, and I can understand him!!  I read friends blogs on here and know that I can't wait until I can understand him like you can your 1 and 2 year olds. He is so amazing. I am so proud to be his mom,

Monday, April 4, 2011

People of Walmart

Little Cody was really fitting in at walmart. Check it out.... No shoes. Swim shorts that do not match his dirty shirt. He even has ketchup on his lil face. Oh and he is chilling and standing in the back of the cart. What kind of parents does this kid have!?!?
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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Geeze scale

I just wanted to share my scale has gone crazy with a capital K. As in Ka-ra-zee. It was as if it were a man just throwing answers out there. "what do you want me to tell you?" It seemed to be saying. It gave me weights in a 12 pound spread. Finally I told it, "Quit with the good friend answers, I need the truth!" The truth sucks but, I think the crazy weighing machine shaped up and gave me the fat ugly truth of it.
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