Monday, December 21, 2009

Lots of words

Pictures coming soon!
We arrived. We have been in San Antonio, Texas for a week and 2 days. I am on my second week at my new job. I have met and love my soon to be step daughters (Stephanie and Mariana.) They are super awesome! We spent the whole weekend together. We got our Christmas tree and decorated it. Our family went to the San Antonio Riverwalk and celebrated, Stephanie’s birthday on the River at the Hard Rock CafĂ©.’ The 5 of us went and saw Avatar. (It was long for lil Cody, but he still did pretty well.)

So the big news… As if all that is going on isn’t big enough… Our wedding has been moved up! Waaay up. We are getting married in the San Antonio Temple on January 2, 2010! I am so excited! This is a wonderful way to start the new year! Cody and I have been working toward this goal for a while now, individually. And recently together.

The lil’ story of us…
About a year and 2 months ago Big Cody joined the church. I had recently become active and was working on it more. Around the time he became a member I moved into a new ward in Chandler, AZ. I decided I was finally ready to start dating and what not. Cody was being pushed by the missionaries that converted him to start dating, too. He was in San Antonio, TX. One of these young men convinced him to join I had just signed up myself and only paid for one month of the service. I decided I was going to make the most out of my $14.95. So, after the initial email, Cody asked for my number and I gave it to him. We started our long distance relationship over the phone in November of 2008. In Jan of 09 lil’ Cody and I came out to Texas for a weekend and met Big Cody. We has a blast. But, I went home and we didn’t really make plans for the future. (Cody tells me he thought I was too serious for him. I mean, I am a professional and all. Haha!)

Over the next 9 months we kept in contact via phone calls and text messages. Picture messages, too. Some times a month would go by with nothing then he would let me know he was thinking about me. A few months ago about the end of September we decided to try getting to know each other better. We set up phone dates. We has both progressed quite a bit personally and spiritually in the 9 months since we’d seen each other. We started getting more serious. (As serious as we felt wasn’t crazy for the dynamic our relationship. Met once a year ago, talk on the phone, making plans to see each other again.) We made plans to see each other over Thanksgiving and Christmas. We booked his flight to AZ for Thanksgiving and mine to Texas for Christmas. In the mean time I attended the temple for the first time. I went to the Mesa Temple in November. As I was there going through this experience for the first time I could see Cody there with me. I could picture him in the Temple. I think that was when I knew.

I already told you the engagement story via my last post. So that is a bit more of the story of us. On the 29th I will get to see him there in the Temple with me as he goes through for the first time. Then on January 2nd we will be married!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Engagement story

I am moving this week. Some times life just moves and changes so very fast. Last week was a crazy one for us. I went to urgent care on Saturday with kidney pain. The doctor told me I had a UTI. I left and went to the bathroom in the lobby and passed a gnarly kidney stone. The blessed part of this ordeal was as soon as it was out I started feeling better. And the pain ebbed quite a bit. That afternoon Lil’ Cody was taking a nap and Big Cody and I were talking. I was trying to fight off the major headache that had set in. Cody asked me if I knew a romantic place. With out a moment’s hesitation I answered “yes.” “Wow, that was quick,” he says, “Where?”

Now I have to come up with something quick. I went with the silly route. “Through that door, then turn; behind the door there is another door. Open that and step in.” “That’s your shower.” I was being funny. I am a regular funny gal. Ha. We (and by we I mean I) proceeded to talk about how that shower was actually too small for the 2 of us. But we could go into the other bathroom to change the laundry and he could step in the tub/shower in there and ask me to come in there. Then I could tell everyone he proposed to me in the shower. And we would have a funny story. I included all of this in my narration of how he could propose. After I was done with my talking/narration this story I got up to do the laundry. He came into the bathroom (where the laundry is) with me and I said, “Oh, yah?” And we stepped into the dry shower fully clothed. Drew the curtain and then Cody got to write his own lines here when with a grin from ear to ear he asked me to marry him.