Friday, April 24, 2009


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Eww. Iky. Grass.

Cody has not ever seemed too fond of grass. Typically I will try to set him down and he makes a face so I pick him back up. Today I set him down on the basketball court in my courtyard and he crawled up and down the length of it and would not crawl off and into the grass even when I pretended to leave him. He kept crawling on the cement. (It made me think of the shopping carts that can't leave the parking area of the store they are for. Not sure why. Anyways.) I picked him up and sat him in the grass and sat near him. This is what he did:
In case you can't tell he has both his hand up and he has lifted one leg off the grass so he was only touching the grass with one leg. He sat like this for some time.
He was just looking around at the other people outside. And the trees. He likes trees. There was a little breeze outside.
After a while the neighbor kids came down to play and finally he accepted the grass and started playing and crawling around (and fighting in a pool noodle war.)

Monday, April 20, 2009

I know I did a cool Cody post this morning but...

...he is just so awesome.

And I am a mean mommy to do this to his hair. Hahahahaha. He looked so cute and silly i couldn't resist photographing it and posting it here for all the world (Ie, my blog readers) to see. How do you spell that one guys name from the little rascals? Al..something.
He loves to look at himself in the mirror, especially after the bath. He likes to head butt the baby in the mirror. But as far as I know that is is only one he bumps foreheads with besides me.
Man, I just love him so. He even started blowing kisses this morning and making the sound, too.

If everyone says it, it must be true...

And even if ya'll are lying or just being nice, I don't even care, I think it is true so I am sticking with it. Cody is the cutest kid, ever! Hahahahaha! Ok, second cutest. Who is/was cuter? Jon Bonet Ramsey. That is all.

Cody's first driving lesson. He did pretty well. We only went about 4 house lengths and I got worried the photogs might get a picture of us (ala Brit brit Spears) so I made him turn the car right around and go back. Then I realized that this camera already got us, and since Cody is a baby genius and can already drive I thought I would post the pictures and let you see how awesome and ama-za-zing he is!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

No time for a big post

I was going to put some pictures on face bok and thought I would toss o few up here too since it is my online journal blog thingy-ma-jigger.

Cody found his basketfrom the Easter bunny...

He found the one from grandma, too. Grandma and grandpa came to town and we all went to Aunt Meagan's & Abe's house on Saturday. Then Cody and I spent the night with Jeaniece and her family and grandma and grandpa and the Easter bnunny came to their house. Then we went to church with them. I wish I got a church picture of us. Cody and I looked so cute in our Easter outfit and hiar and makeup. (Me, not him on that last part. heehee.)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

We met the Easter bunny

And he didn't seam nearly as happy or friendly as the big friendly happy characters we have met at Disneyland. Can we change the Easter Bunny to be Roger Rabbit or even Rabbit from Winnie-the-Pooh. If you are going to tell me it would still all just be a guy in a suit, I get that, but some how the folks behind the Mouse and his pals alway have more character and life than this "easter Bunny" did. He just seemed bored and blah. But in looking at the picture he is not that bad!

Sorry for the little rant. I am full of 'em tonight. any ways, my son is sooo cute!