Monday, April 20, 2009

If everyone says it, it must be true...

And even if ya'll are lying or just being nice, I don't even care, I think it is true so I am sticking with it. Cody is the cutest kid, ever! Hahahahaha! Ok, second cutest. Who is/was cuter? Jon Bonet Ramsey. That is all.

Cody's first driving lesson. He did pretty well. We only went about 4 house lengths and I got worried the photogs might get a picture of us (ala Brit brit Spears) so I made him turn the car right around and go back. Then I realized that this camera already got us, and since Cody is a baby genius and can already drive I thought I would post the pictures and let you see how awesome and ama-za-zing he is!