Monday, October 6, 2014

Jeaniece 36 years ago Today

Happy Birthday to you my dear friend. I think I shall eat cake today. In honor of you and your general dislike for sweets.  I like cake enough for the both of us. Trying to think of something clever to write here for you and all your fans.  (He must be famous look at all his fans. Haha.) I have so much in my heart. Sometimes when I think of you I am weighed down by my memories. The nostalgia looms large and heavy in my heart. All I get to know of you now are memories and stories. No new memories. No new silly inside jokes. Well, my old swiss cheese memory needs help so for your 36th birthday I am going to take some memories out of my heart and put them on the world wide web.  Hopefully to take a tear away from my heart and put a smile out there for the world and those who knew you.  Happy day of Jeaniece's Birth.

Well here is what I've got 1 thing for each year since you were born.

1. Circa October 1978 you were born and I became a big sister and the boss of the world.

2. Circa 1982. The way you ran. Never been a child before or after with such a great run. For those of you who never saw it: When she ran her feet/calve part of her leg flipped out and a round and around. She musta burned an extra 200 calories per each step. Bahaha.

3. Circa 8 1987. It's a Jolly Holiday with Mar-weey. Mary makes your heawarrt feel Bwight.  - - The day you said your first R sound correct!

4. Aaachoo. Mickey with Hollie and Heather at Grandma's house.

5. Your original song "Peekie, you're the only one who cares for me"

6. Circa 1988 Sleeping in the back yard. Realizing it was not comfortable so we took our mattresses outside.

7.  circa 1990 sharing the bed room in Alta Loma in Junior high

8. Circa 1989 Your suit case getting swapped with that boys suit case at 6th grade camp and everyone teasing us later about the barbies.

9. Circa 2001 Driving to see Aunt Connie in Bakersfield and you car was able to tell other cars to move out of the way because you had a Jack antenna ball and so did 9000 other cars on the road. (This magically made them all be able to communicate.

10. Circa 1982 Mom washing our hair in the bath tub singing 1-1-2-2 Boogie Boogie Avenue.

11. Doing Joan's Bicycle with you

12. Circa 1989-1990  your cheerleading try out Routine.  "We're Bold with Ambition. Our Victory is near. Alta Loma Warriors, this is our year!"

13. Cool cars and Cell phones.

14. Celebrity Sightings.

15. The awesome job you did at trying out for that game Show

16. Pictures with Kirk Cameron Cardboard cut out.

17. Devouring Teen Beat Magazine together.

18. Payless.. . Getting caught at Lucky's. .

19. Circa 1988 . . Being a 10 year old with a paper route in an apartment complex almost a mile away from our home

20. Circa 1992. Summer trip to Hawaii. Saving our babysitting money to pay for our flight.

21. Circa 2013 Crazy San Francisco trip where we were all improperly dressed and you were super happy in our ball of frozen misery. Haha.  

22. Circa 2006 you calling me from the hospital when Drew was born and Ethan telling me the Dead end ghost joke. You were so happy and proud.

23. Going to a church dance in Chino or some thing and dad Farted and when we got out we were laughing about how we were wearing "ode to Dad" perfume.

24. Your speech for student body vice president

25. You reading Ramona Cleary

26. Circa 1982 Playing the dice game and making piƱatas on "quiet" Sundays in the house on Plymouth

27. Circa 1993- Tubing down the Salt River

28. Circa early 1990's - singing "High-ho high-ho, it;s off to poop we go!"  with Melissa as we carried little shovels and toilet paper trying to find a "good spot," w2hile camping at the Colorado River

29. Making "our customers" laugh, smile, and wave as we rode in the back of the station wagon on family vacations.

30. Playing Barbies and using the entire living room as their city. Oh that evil Purple pie man.

31. You falling asleep in the movie theater during the First Harry Potter Movie

32. Circa 2008 - Seeing who could just relax the longest in the pool and mom looking out the window about the time we were both in the dead man float. She ran out. Are you ok? Are you ok?  We were all like, what, what?  She thought we'd hit heads or some thing. (Note:  I was 31 years old when this happened.) 

33. Circa 1987 - Going on runs and me telling you we'd run to the pole, then getting there and running more.. Wasn't that fun?

34. Performing I'll be your Candle on the Water in that ward show.

35. Setting up all the cards at Grandma graves house and the shiffend on the way there.

36. Happy birthday to an amazing person. I miss our daily chats. I never realized how much I needed you until you were gone.  I have a whole where you were taking up space in my heart and life. I am stuffing it with memories and sweets and sugars. Mostly sugars and carbs. I love you forever plus infinity.