Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Magic Team Mantor Time

Ever since Linda arrived we have been waiting for the right time to share with her our favorite eatery. We have posted pictures of our trips here, before. We finally had it in our schedules for all of us to go here together as a happy Team Mantor Family. A few nights ago we went to the Magic Time Machine. We had a great time. This is the place my girls get so excited to go. They dress up. All 3 of them wore tutus. We wore our family shirts, too. They love the attention that brought.At the Magic Time Machine all the servers are dressed as a character. This evening we had Dora the Explorer and the Bride from Kill Bill. Many others stopped by to say hello. The Joker, Captain Jack Sparrow, Tinkerbell, Woody, and more

. We had a blast! Yay Dad! Thanks for taking us!

Epic Fail

I'd like to say I have been trying, but if that were the case I have tried and failed. The problem with that is that what I am "trying" to do is something I have done successfully before. As is evident from these pictures below I am fat. I know this. I have finally started to try to do something about it the last 2 weeks. But as my kids would say, it has been a fail, an Epic Fail. I realize it only takes one day to totally mess me up. In the week and half I have had a t least 3 "bad" days. Snacking days. That means I have had 7 "good" on target days. Yet, the 3 bad days have succeeded in keeping me at like only a 3 pound loss over all. Ugh! Usually this blog is about me family and our awesome happening and lives. And today was going to be no different, yet when I was deciding what pictures to post with our adventure everyone with me in it was something I didn't want to look at. (Usually I think I am not to bad, but ugh!) I am having a minor surgery today to break up a kidney stone. I was reading and these are more common in fat people. I also have had borderline high blood pressure for the last few months. Also more common in overweight people. Boo. In the past I have done Weight Watchers to get back on track and drop some unwanted pounds. This has worked for me. We can't really afford for me to go to meetings at this juncture. But I do have this handy dandy app on my phone that is great for tracking my points and weight and what not. So I have been using that. I am going to keep doing that. And not cheat and not have bad days. Since I am putting myself on blast here I will happily post pictures of my family and my self and report in February that I am back to the weight most of you remember me at. Which is not skinny by any means. (Still fat, really.) But it will be where I am more comfortable with myself. I am actually making my first little goal to be at my prepregnancy weight. Which like I said, is still over weight, but it is definitely a doable goal, and since I am spilling all this now, I might as well ad this, it is well under 200, and I meed to get there. I can't seem to bust below that number. But I will. I can do it. I know I can. That recent Team Mantor adventure I mentioned above? Well, I will post that on another post. This is a picture from our fun night, though. I think the day deserves it's own lil' post.

And for all you on my same weight loss adventure... I know you can do it, too!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

You take the good, you take the bad...

Hey Cody go sit by Mouse...
He decided to sit like Mouse, too. Ha!

Life and then some. That is what has been going on with me. Man, my boy has a shiner. He looks like a kid that is being abused. Or really clumsy. He has a bruise on his right cheek a scratch on his left cheek and a huge black and blue eye. All of these came from different events. 2 at day care. He is a boy alright. I hate to see him like that because I know it musta hurt him. But he still doesn't talk clearly or enough for me to know exactly what happened and how much it hurt. Maybe I will get a picture tomorrow. He still is missing that front tooth he lost and will be for like, what 7 more years? On a lighter more exciting side, the other day he said his longest sentence ever. Before this the most words he has stung together in a row has been like 2. But at dinner the other night he pointed to the bowl of apricots and said, "Can I have some more... please?" Just like that. I was so excited! He is so awesome. I feel like he is very delayed, but I know he will get it. He mimics voice pattern and inflection so we can hear him singing and counting, and talking but usually the words are not clear unless he is saying just one word as in... I say.. Twinkle twinkle little... The he says "STARRR!" Clear and loud and excited. But more that two he fades to jibber jabber. He knows what he is saying we just don't, usually. We will, though. I know we will one day. I can't wait.

My car was hit today. In a parking lot. Not my fault. In fact....(this description of what happened comes from my facebook) It was not my fault, thank goodness. I was in the store. My car was hit by a lady in the parking lot. Dented the bumper a bit. When I came out my necklaces hanging from the rear view mirror were totally swaying. Then I noticed my car was unlocked. I thought I was robbed. I was freaking out. I checked the back to make sure no one was in there (too many urban legend emails, I guess) then got in. Then a lady came up to my window and gestured for me to roll it down. I cracked it and say..."Yessss?" All Lurch style. And then she told me she hit my car. She had moved and parked like 4 rows away but came back to check the damage. She messed her beast up quite a bit. Oh well. I felt bad for her, right after I felt the relief that my stuff wasn't stolen and no one was gonna shank my ankle and steal my kid. (for those of you who were wondering, the car wasn't locked because I had the key chain with the bad clicker and I thought I locked it but it apparently didn't catch.) Poor Gerty! That is my cars nickname, not the name of the woman who violated her. I was trying to find a picture of her. Gertrude Esmeralda, my car. But I dont have one handy. So here is a couple of pictures of people in her...
And actually while making that collage I did find one that shows part of her... There on the side.

Why Gertrude Esmeralda, you ask? Well, because she is cute and spunky and to have a name like Gerty you've got to have spunk. Plus she is (was...sad face) pretty, too!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Play pretend...Serve yourself...Dance the Night Away

Little Cody's mind and imagination are growing every day. He loves playing pretend server. He has this Minnie Mouse little plastic thing that came a top a mini play dough years ago. It has tiny castle shaped cookies. He pretends to take them off and serve them to us. He has to make sure everyone gets one and eats it, too. He will also pour you some pretend milk. At nap time I often hear him in his room just talking away. He knows what he is saying I am sure. It seems on Sunday's he always fakes his nap. He is so funny. When he is thirsty he will find a cup and go to the fridge and fill it up. He is happy to do this. We have to lock the water dispenser some times though, because once he is done drinking he likes to pour the water from one cup to another or to a bowl or a toy or what ever he can find. back and forth until most of it is a mess on the ground. When he wants a snack he tells us by standing in front of the fridge and tugging at the door. When you open it he pulls out a slice of cheese or bologna. The girls say he might be a dancer when he grows up. You know how you watch those dance shows and the dancers say, "I've been dancing since I was two" and stuff? Well, that is true for Cody. He dances to Dancing with the stars. He gets out of his ballroom style and gets his funk on with So You Think You Can Dance. He will dance to classical music on little Einsteins and he even does the Hot Dog dance with Mickey Mouse. He is a little singer, too. He doesn't give us all the words correctly, but some he does. And then he goes on with the sound and tone of the next lines. He is so smart. He is great at problem solving, too. Man, I love this kid. Now... off to find him!!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Lions and Tigers and Butterflies... Oh My!

We went to the zoo this past weekend. Cody is really starting to know his stuff. We had a lot of fun. He loved looking at all the animals!
Even the snakes. (Although this is something he sees daily in our house. Ha!