Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Play pretend...Serve yourself...Dance the Night Away

Little Cody's mind and imagination are growing every day. He loves playing pretend server. He has this Minnie Mouse little plastic thing that came a top a mini play dough years ago. It has tiny castle shaped cookies. He pretends to take them off and serve them to us. He has to make sure everyone gets one and eats it, too. He will also pour you some pretend milk. At nap time I often hear him in his room just talking away. He knows what he is saying I am sure. It seems on Sunday's he always fakes his nap. He is so funny. When he is thirsty he will find a cup and go to the fridge and fill it up. He is happy to do this. We have to lock the water dispenser some times though, because once he is done drinking he likes to pour the water from one cup to another or to a bowl or a toy or what ever he can find. back and forth until most of it is a mess on the ground. When he wants a snack he tells us by standing in front of the fridge and tugging at the door. When you open it he pulls out a slice of cheese or bologna. The girls say he might be a dancer when he grows up. You know how you watch those dance shows and the dancers say, "I've been dancing since I was two" and stuff? Well, that is true for Cody. He dances to Dancing with the stars. He gets out of his ballroom style and gets his funk on with So You Think You Can Dance. He will dance to classical music on little Einsteins and he even does the Hot Dog dance with Mickey Mouse. He is a little singer, too. He doesn't give us all the words correctly, but some he does. And then he goes on with the sound and tone of the next lines. He is so smart. He is great at problem solving, too. Man, I love this kid. Now... off to find him!!


McConnehey said...

So Cute!! He is getting so big!!

Jeaniece said...

wow...he looks like a little man! He is so Big...That is cute