Sunday, June 29, 2008

It's sup sup Supper time!

Cody's dad came for a visit. Since you may be wondering I will let you know, I didn't get any good pictures of the two of them together. So there isn't any posted here.

Last night was my first attempt at feeding Cody little baby cereal. (i wanted to do it with Jeremy here so he could be a part of this first.) And what did Cody think? Oh my. He wasn't too sure about this. It was fun though.

We tried again today. He did a little better. Although this picture was yesterday, too. Jeremy let him taste applesauce and mashed potatoes. Baaad Jeremy. No wonder this baby oatmeal didn't seem so tasty!

This was us earlier this week when I was dropping him off at daycare.

Not a whole lot more going on. He is swinging his arms around a bunch now. He likes to hold things. And he hits. I am sure he doesn't know what he is doing, but when he is nursing and I start to nod off, bam! That little arm comes around and wakes me right up. Hahaha. He is sooo precious, if I do say so myself, and I do!

P.S. I don't always have him in his car seat. We are just on the go kinda people and when we go we photograph. So that is why you see those straps a lot!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Having trouble making a title, so "Baby, Bella and Me" it is

Cody and I went swimming yesterday with Jeaniece and Ethan and Drew. This time I got a couple pictures. Drew loves the water. He just runs up and right into it. Poor Jeaniece was chasing him when we were leaving becasue he ran into the pool and she fell. On her elbow mostly. She bruised her elbow and her ego. Hee hee. The pool is what they call beach front access so you can just walk right in. (This is at her gym. I think I mentioned it before.)

Cody loves the water. I can't wait to teach him to float and swim. I hope he like swimming like I do!

Bella is getting use to the fact that Cody is not going away. We were cuddling during one of his naps today.

He has slept a lot this weekend. He must be growing so big becasue he sleeps so much. He is using that time to grow, right?

And one more picture from today for fun! This was at church in the Mother's room.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Life gives you lumps. I am sure I don't want 'em.

My baby was hit on the head today. Actually he was hit on most of his body. One of the sliding closet doors fell on him. They are heavy doors! He was on the bed and the darn thing was leaning against the other panel and it feel and landed on him. It was so scary. All I could see was half his legs. This happened at 6:45 this morning. I watched him and cuddled him and fed him. He was laughing a bit and seemed ok. I took him to daycare. I called his doctors office and they told me becasue he is so young they wanted me to bring him in. So I did. He is ok. He had his skull x-rayed and it is perfectly normal. Aaah relief! I stayed home with him the rest of the day to monitor him. He is a tad bit more grumpy than usual but my gosh a door fell on him! We just finished his bath and he is resting. I think he might sleep through reading time tonight.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Cuts, Brown Eyes, Peter Piper and swimming.

It was a big day for my little guy.

We went to Peter Piper Pizza with Jeaniece and Ethan and Drew for a birthday party of someone I didn't know. I carried Cody around in a front sling. He got to sleep some there. After we went swimming at Jeaniece's gym. I call her gym "the dumb gym" because she is always going there so she can't talk on the phone to me. And she is always swimming there in the pool that is waaay cooler than the ones at my apartments. Whatevs. It was way cool. Very swanky and nice.

Anywho how. I noticed a cut on Cody's foot at the pizza place. It was his first real cut. (I am not counting little ones on his face from his nails.) I don't even know when it happened. I say "It's Huge!" But it's not. See....

But the biggest thing that happened today was his light eyes are officially brown. (With a hint of purple, I say.) I didn't get the best picture of his eyes today, but I am sure I will soon. Hee hee. The boy is photographed multiple times daily. I seriously have over 500 pictures of him in my cell phone. No, it is not excessive. Haha!

He was making funny faces at his mommy. he isn't usually cross eyed. This one below was yesterday afternoon. Right before the final switch.

I hope people still think he has beautiful eyes, like I do. You can see the purpley, right? I know I am nuts. I sure love this little guy.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Sometimes life is like a bowl of Coldstone ice cream someone else chose the Mixin's for

Cody is so sweet. Last night he was hurting a lot. He has a poop problem. He rarely goes. He is taking medication for it.
He is at a substitute daycare this week because Miss Patti is out of town.

Yesterday was his day to go poo. He hadn't gone since the Wednesday before. So it had been 6 days! (Imagine his embarrassment if he ever reads this when he is older. I posted his poop problems on the internet. Haha. I am a nice mommy.) So he needed to go pretty bad. Well, a lady came to visit the daycare with her little girl. She was holding Cody and she tells Sherry, "Um, Sherry, he had an explosion, you need to come here." Sherry says, "ok, I will be there in a minute. The other lady was all calm about it so Sherry had no idea what she meant by explosion until she saw it. The poor lady was covered in it. It was dripping down her legs and piling at the floor. And she was just sitting here with him on her lap waiting for Sherry to come help her out of this mess. Haha. Sherry though Cody's little shorts were ruined. (Thanks to her spray in wash the pants were not a causality.)

I am sorry I should feel bad but it is really funny. I am 5 years old. Poop stories can be funny to me. Haha.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Just another day of being a baby

He hasn't grown into his hat just yet. But check out those cheeks! Aww. Cody Graves.
Cody is almost 4 months old! This is him in his church clothes. He is getting bigger every day.