Sunday, June 22, 2008

Having trouble making a title, so "Baby, Bella and Me" it is

Cody and I went swimming yesterday with Jeaniece and Ethan and Drew. This time I got a couple pictures. Drew loves the water. He just runs up and right into it. Poor Jeaniece was chasing him when we were leaving becasue he ran into the pool and she fell. On her elbow mostly. She bruised her elbow and her ego. Hee hee. The pool is what they call beach front access so you can just walk right in. (This is at her gym. I think I mentioned it before.)

Cody loves the water. I can't wait to teach him to float and swim. I hope he like swimming like I do!

Bella is getting use to the fact that Cody is not going away. We were cuddling during one of his naps today.

He has slept a lot this weekend. He must be growing so big becasue he sleeps so much. He is using that time to grow, right?

And one more picture from today for fun! This was at church in the Mother's room.


korie said...

I love the picture of Cody in the hat! I think you should blow that up and frame it! It is adorable.

thebuchananfamily said...

I love taking the kids swimming. Ian will be taking swimming lessons starting next week and I can't wait, I hope he likes it.

Remember when we would help your mom teach swimming lessons? That was fun...Ah the good ol' days!!

Jaime and Nick said...

Cody is such a cute little guy!! You are a lucky lady!! Hope you are doing great :)

Graves Family said...

i love babies in swimsuits! you can see all thier chunks and you just want to squish them. i just love it!

Meagan said...

What a handsome little man!