Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Life gives you lumps. I am sure I don't want 'em.

My baby was hit on the head today. Actually he was hit on most of his body. One of the sliding closet doors fell on him. They are heavy doors! He was on the bed and the darn thing was leaning against the other panel and it feel and landed on him. It was so scary. All I could see was half his legs. This happened at 6:45 this morning. I watched him and cuddled him and fed him. He was laughing a bit and seemed ok. I took him to daycare. I called his doctors office and they told me becasue he is so young they wanted me to bring him in. So I did. He is ok. He had his skull x-rayed and it is perfectly normal. Aaah relief! I stayed home with him the rest of the day to monitor him. He is a tad bit more grumpy than usual but my gosh a door fell on him! We just finished his bath and he is resting. I think he might sleep through reading time tonight.


korie said...

Poor guy!
Love the movie!

kristen said...

Add this to your reader.


H Fletcher said...

I heard you say that he weighs 17lbs. Lyla is almost 1 and she barely weighs 17 lbs herself. He is a big boy!

Graves Family said...

that is so sad but you look beautiful!