Saturday, June 7, 2008

Cuts, Brown Eyes, Peter Piper and swimming.

It was a big day for my little guy.

We went to Peter Piper Pizza with Jeaniece and Ethan and Drew for a birthday party of someone I didn't know. I carried Cody around in a front sling. He got to sleep some there. After we went swimming at Jeaniece's gym. I call her gym "the dumb gym" because she is always going there so she can't talk on the phone to me. And she is always swimming there in the pool that is waaay cooler than the ones at my apartments. Whatevs. It was way cool. Very swanky and nice.

Anywho how. I noticed a cut on Cody's foot at the pizza place. It was his first real cut. (I am not counting little ones on his face from his nails.) I don't even know when it happened. I say "It's Huge!" But it's not. See....

But the biggest thing that happened today was his light eyes are officially brown. (With a hint of purple, I say.) I didn't get the best picture of his eyes today, but I am sure I will soon. Hee hee. The boy is photographed multiple times daily. I seriously have over 500 pictures of him in my cell phone. No, it is not excessive. Haha!

He was making funny faces at his mommy. he isn't usually cross eyed. This one below was yesterday afternoon. Right before the final switch.

I hope people still think he has beautiful eyes, like I do. You can see the purpley, right? I know I am nuts. I sure love this little guy.


korie said...

you better back up your computer! that's a whole lot of pictures! sorry about the boo boo.

H Fletcher said...

I am so glad that you are having so much fun with that cute baby. May he never grow up. Because when they do, the turn into terrors, or at lest mine do. I just tell them that it is a good thing that they are all so cute! Keep having fun and enjoying that little one while you can.