Sunday, December 28, 2008

So many posts by me, so little time to read them, eh?

So this one will be short.

I can't believe how big and grown he seems in these pictures and at these moments today. He was so cute. We had a great Sunday. We made it through all 3 hours of church. It was nice.

This second one is what he looks like a lot of the time to me. He is really a happy guy. I am so lucky to be his mom. And proud, too. I love my lil Cody!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Cody's first Christmas

He came, he came, the big guy came. Good ole Santa Claus.
Cody loved it. I loved it. Bella loved it. (Her stuff was sprinkled with cat nip to help her excitement!

We went to Jeaniece's to have some yummy monkey bread and the to taken Ethan and Jeaniece to see Marley & Me. It was a good movie. I am not a dog person, but the movie was about more than just a dog. I enjoyed it.

Now I want a nap. Ah, Christmas. I am loving it!

Crisis averted, Crisis averted

I thought I lost the cord to my camera. The one that I need to get the pictures off the camera and on to the computer. (My new to me computer doesn't have a slot for the memory card.) I did in fact lose the one I took to my sisters the other day. I can't find it. I did however find another one. Woo-hoo! Crisis averted!

I woke up about an hour ago. I thought I heard something. It musta been Santa!!

We opened our Christmas Eve PJ's earlier tonight, too! A tradition from my childhood that I am continuing on with my family.

And started our new tradition as well. Each Christmas Eve we will open one book and read it near the Christmas tree before going to bed. We also talk about the Christmas Story. Not the one where Ralphie shoots his eye out, but the real one about the Savior's birth. And the tardy wisemen. Just kidding. I tried to tell Cody it took them 2 years to get there because they were far far away and there were no airplanes at that time and he just looked at me like. I think he gets it. The flash got him in this one.

Welppers. I need to get back to sleep. Ahhh. Can't wait to see what Santa brought in those packages!

Merry Christmas! To my fellow bloggers, I look froward to hearing and seeing your Christmas memories, too!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

It's Coming, it's coming

Nope, I am not talking Santa! I am talking Cody's 1 year birthday & his party. The party will be on Feb. 7th and truth be told I have been planning it for a while. 2PM ladies. Save the date. Jeaniece, ask for it off, now. Colissa start making travel plans. :) Everyone else, save the date. Plan on coming. It is a Hot Wheels theme. I am excited about it. Can you tell?

What's that you say? He wont remember? Shah, what ever! I will will remember and the cousins might. Plus there will be at least 57 pictures commemorating the event! I am so cute, huh?

Welp, I have to get my little man up to get ready for the day. Plus we have to wrap Miss Patti's present. (It is a 12 pack of diet Mountain Dew, shh. don't tell.)

Ok, now I will add my excitement about that! It's Christmas!!!! Woo-hoo!!!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Oh, my Gosh! It's Santa! I know him!!

I love the movie Elf. Not just at Christmas time. All the time. It is great. "I like smiling, smiling's my favorite." "Buddy the elf, what's your favorite color?".

So, Cody met Santa tonight. It was awesome. I know someone who knows someone who has it in good with the big guy himself. So they arranged it so we could meet this Santa and Cody could have some good first Christmas pictures. the little man forgot to smile. I think perhaps that was because he was a tad tired. Plus he was taking it all in.


When I picked him up from day care Patti and Brynne gave him his first Christmas present ever! He was all smiles then!

I wanted to post a smiling picture of me, well, almost smiling. Really this is for big Cody to see my blue eyes. For the first year ever, I think, Christmas is my favorite holiday. I don't know if it just because of the baby or what, but I love it. I am thankful for Christ's birth and our Savior coming to the earth. I love the story and the feeling of Christmas in the air. I love my family, even though my mom and grandma basically only look at the pictures and ignore the words on my blogs.
Jeaniece, Ethan and Drew came to see Santa with us. That was nice, too. Then we went to Target. What an adventure that turned into. Nothing fantastic happened. Just bedtime passing by and tired kid-lings.

P.S. Wanna know what is different about Santa this year? His beard grew on his nose. I think Cody got to it a little before some of these pictures. :)

Saturday, December 13, 2008

I want to share but the sleep monster keeps getting to me

I have been working a part time temporary job after work for the last few weeks so I can pay for this big boy car seat I bought and Cody's first Christmas. I take him to work with me at the second job, but needless to say it doesn't leave me a whole lot of computer time.

I am loving this holiday season. On Wednesday our tree was decorated by the Cub Scouts in my ward. They had fun and so did I. It was so sweet of them.

Friday was my ward party and tonight was Jeaniece's. Abe, Meghan and Hudson, and Ethan and Drew came to my ward party which was a night in Bethlehem. Then tonight Cody and I joined Jeaniece and Ethan and Drew for Christmas Morning at Night in her ward.

My old home teacher offered to help let Cody meet Santa, and I am going to take him up on it since he hasn't met Santa yet. So those pictures will be coming.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Cody's first Christmas...and so it begins....

We are so excited!!

and these are for Kristen to steal for her blog... :)
Cody stayed at Kristens the day after Thanksgiving.

Why is my sone wearing a girly headband?

Saturday, November 29, 2008

We are Elfing Amazing!

It was my elf yourself. I dont know what happened to it!!!

Send your own ElfYourself eCards

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Turkey Day!

I am so thankful for my little turkey. He has been such an amazing blessing in my life. I am so happy he is here. And, yes to all who wonder, he is a very good baby. He is sitting on my lap and holding my hand right now. He is often just chillin on my lap when I am blogging.

I am thankful for these things as well...
My family
getting to talk to my mom & sister almost daily
the sun
the rain (we are having some, Yah!)
my bed
new chapters in life
nice old people from life
good traffic
polite strangers
cake with butter cream frosting
giving and getting gifts
the holidays
that I have a job
my old ward
Cody's doctor
Earl Grey (that's our car)
my friends
your comments on my blogs and your blogs for me to see and comment on
our health

There are more things, but I am off to bake my "special brownies" as Lauren calls them.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Up? At this hour on a Sunday!!!

Since I was up at this hour on a Sunday when I should be asleep still I thought I'd post a quick blog.

Cody is not as keen on posing for me as he once was. I have been trying to get one of the 2 of us but he has not been loving it. He'll get the hang of it again, I am sure. And to all you naysayers out there, I say he will always love the camera, he will have to since he told me he wants to be a male model. Just kidding. His cousins kept trying to kiss him. It was pretty funny. He just loves Drew. He kept trying to get his attention at dinner and Drew kept telling us Cody was hitting him. It was pretty funny.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Such a big smell for such a little guy, I mean smile. . .

You know what I love? Hearing my baby wake up happy, and coo a little. Then his face breaks into a huge sleepy smile when he sees me. It's the best.

I also love the moment we are having now, sitting on our computer ball chair, with him on my knee trying to type along with me.

Also, we have a tooth!!! It should be big enough for a picture in what, a month? Hahaha!

While sitting here on my knee Cody has become pretty stinky so we must go now. Toodles!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A compare and share, Thanks. I care.

9 months ago

This past weekend

This Ladies Man was checking out the big boy car seats. We got him one. It will be the car seat he has for the next 5 years. A 3 in one. He still has to sit backwards since he is less than a year old. He does a good job in the big boy car seat.

And tonight.. November 18th

My, how quickly they grow.

Friday, November 14, 2008

My baby love, ooo ooo my baby love

A quick update.

Cody has hair again! Woo-hoo!
And he is a one shoe wonder. Meaning when I put shoes on him very soon thereafter we are wondering why there is only one on his foot. How do he do it? And every time, too!

At his 9 month check up he weighed 24.4 pounds. That was Wednesday. 95 percentile. That's my boy!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

What's up Cuz? As in cousin.

I got my copies of the awesome pictures we had taken of the boys. Cody and his cousins. I really wanted to get pictures taken for my mom for Christmas. Cody didnt really smile in any of them, but he is still darn cute, if I do say so myself. Thanks everyone for coming and doing this. I loved it.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Said it ain't so!!!

I think I am like those mom's from a few years back who got little crushes on the Blue's Clues guy. Only mine is on Johnny. As in Johnny and the Sprites. Did you see one? Could it be one? Johnny and the Sprites!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

That's what it's all about! Cody's 1st Hallowen

A few pictures. He loved holding the basket.
My friend Lorina and I made those clown costumes when i was a freshman in High School. What 17 years ago? Was that how long ago that was? Those are some old costumes.
Cody spent the second part of trick or treating asleep with his costume next to him in the stroller and the pumpkin bucket propped on him. What evs, mom needed candy. Haha.
Yippie Turkey Day is on it's way!!