Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A compare and share, Thanks. I care.

9 months ago

This past weekend

This Ladies Man was checking out the big boy car seats. We got him one. It will be the car seat he has for the next 5 years. A 3 in one. He still has to sit backwards since he is less than a year old. He does a good job in the big boy car seat.

And tonight.. November 18th

My, how quickly they grow.


buchananclan said...

That's neat to have a pic of him with that bear to really show how much how has grown. What a cute boy you have there!! And yes the grow very fast!!

Jaime said...

Shawndel, he is so adorable and I cant believe how much he has grown and changed in the past 9 months. Hope you are doing well!!

korie said...

No I wish I did a stuffed animal when she was born like you did. To bad I'll have to settle for the chair. That boy of yours it too cute. His smile makes my heart melt.

Mindie said...

Wow he has changed so much! So stinkin cute!!! He is super cute, cherish this time, it really does go by fast. ~