Tuesday, December 23, 2008

It's Coming, it's coming

Nope, I am not talking Santa! I am talking Cody's 1 year birthday & his party. The party will be on Feb. 7th and truth be told I have been planning it for a while. 2PM ladies. Save the date. Jeaniece, ask for it off, now. Colissa start making travel plans. :) Everyone else, save the date. Plan on coming. It is a Hot Wheels theme. I am excited about it. Can you tell?

What's that you say? He wont remember? Shah, what ever! I will will remember and the cousins might. Plus there will be at least 57 pictures commemorating the event! I am so cute, huh?

Welp, I have to get my little man up to get ready for the day. Plus we have to wrap Miss Patti's present. (It is a 12 pack of diet Mountain Dew, shh. don't tell.)

Ok, now I will add my excitement about that! It's Christmas!!!! Woo-hoo!!!


buchananclan said...

Who cares what others think!! First birthdays are just as important as the 2nd or 16th!! I went all out on both of my kids 1st birthdays. It is so much fun!! I know they won't remember but it is still fun for everyone to get together and have a reason to celebrate!! Just take LOTS of pictures!! Ian still likes to look at the pictures from his first birthday!!

HB Mom said...

Before I even read the part about me I was like, I AM THERE!! The first birthday is the best! Amanda was so girly at one that she didn't want to touch her cake. When I put her hand in it she started crying! I have like 200 pictures and this was back when you had to get them developed, in triplicate for all of the grandparents! How exciting, can't wait!! :)