Monday, September 10, 2012

Noisy noisy boys

My Caden is loud! I have never met a baby who was so loud when he was happy. He coos sometimes and that is so sweet, but the majority of his volume comes from his breathing.  So far what we've gathered from specialist is he is under developed in some things and that is what is causing it. He should grow out of it they say. I hope so. Big Cody is not so sure since he was a loud breathing baby and it never stopped. (Until he got his sleep apena machine.) Caden has stridors which is a medical term for noisy breathing. Seriously. He also has 2 other things going on that I can't spell so I will spare the names.

Caden also cries. I realize pretty much all babies cry, but with little Cody night time crying was kept to a minimum. I was a single mom with him and I am pretty sure the Lord knows what he was doing in blessing me that way. Caden's night time crying is due to the serve acid reflux he has. (He had an upper GI that showed just how bad it is.)  So when he does cry, many does he cry! He had got some great lungs!

One other noise he makes is slurping. It is when he is devouring his little hands that he makes these amazing loud slurping noises.

Now he is doing a soft whiny cry that will get louder if I don't leave this post and give him the attention he is asking for.  But a picture for you to enjoy,,,,

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