Monday, September 24, 2012

A Daycare Day

I am awesome. Not as awesome as some ladies that blog. My blog is not just focused on my kids or my food I make or my great crafts or my organizational ideas. It is a mix, but mostly my kids.  In order to get to stay home with my kids I started an in home daycare. Shawndel's In-Home Daycare.  I love it. I only have a total for 4 full time right now and that is counting my 2. It keeps me busy. I have a schedule we try to go by. And pretty much do, at least roughly most days. I make my menus for each week and serve breakfast and lunch. We have tons of fun.  We do a craft and a little lesson each day. I try to plan my lesson plans a week out at a time, too. The kids span in ages so the learning is varied.

Some of our fun, food and crafting:

Playing Pretend

Nap Time

Magnet board. We mounted to the wall. 

Friend Circle

Stuffed toy fun

Letter C for Caterpillar craft

Necklaces and Learning Patterns

Lunch! Yum! 

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Maria Babin said...

lucky kids! i bet you are an awesome daycare provider shawndel! xoxo