Saturday, October 17, 2009

Over the desert and through the heat to granmother's house we go...

My mom and dad live about an hour away from us. Every time there is a birthday in the family we all get together and mom makes a party for the kids. (Her grandkids) and we all eat. Yum. And there is usually cake. Like I said we love cake (me and Cody and Bella that is.) Today we got together for our October birthday. It was Jeaniece birthday. Here are some pictures from today. The birthday girl. (With no make up! Gasp! She still looks beautiful!)
Breghten giving a wink. Ryan and Lauren and Jeaniece. Ryan was making Cody laugh and laugh. Prize time. Ethan and Hudson.
Dad's Baby Bonnie Pinata time.
One day one of these kid's is gonna get wacked in the head, because 3 adults can't keep 5 boy from rushing for the Smarties. Hahaha.
Ethan got it pretty good.
Then Abe had a whack and I manned the string. And pulled it off. Candy was every where! So fun!

Thanks Grams and Gramps!

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korie said...

Looks like a good time. Cody is getting so big. Glad you posted it's been a while.