Saturday, May 21, 2011

Ouch my teeth, my face.

My teeth hurt my face. Use my cautionary tale. If you get a root canal get that permanent filling they recommend. I had 2 teeth pulled. Emergency surgery. Geeze. I tell you, I am a mess.
Picture one (of me) gauze mouth.picture two : broken smile. The paralysis lasted over 6 hours on that side.
Picture three : cubby cheeks smile
Picture four : more cubby broken non smile cheeks
Picture five : bruise cheek (day 3)

Healing, but, it hurts so bad today, got food in the gummy area, I think. Follow up appointment monday.
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1 comment:

Brendon said...

Did you pursue having a follow-up appointment? What happened back then? You should've eaten foods that don't usually get stuck in the mouth. It's really risky. You should've eaten soup or jellies.

-Brendon Spaziani