Sunday, July 25, 2010

Just a quicky

So much to blog about so little time.

It is hard to play catch up with the blogging. I post pictures on my facebook almost as we do things so that is like a photo blog, I guess.

I will start most recent and work my way backwards. I have 6 minutes, let's see what I can do and tell you about.

Last seen on Friday: Mouse, our little cat has gone missing. This is sad to me. I hope he has found a new loving family.

Last seen on Wednesday: Little Cody's front tooth. My little precious 2 year old knocked his front tooth out at day care. He was running after two other boys and tripped on a pillow and some how knocked his tooth out from the root! This was traumatic for me, mostly. He seems to be doing fine.

Out of order: Thursday we had our appointment with a group of doctors and therapists. Cody's official diagnosis was he is not autistic. He has some language articulation disorder and something else. But not autism. This is awesome news. I am out of time. Read me later. :)

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