Wednesday, November 21, 2012

My Parents & Siblings

I love my mom. I love her so much. She is so good to me. I am so proud of her and her example she has set at over coming adversity. She is so loving and thoughtful. She loves unconditionally. She helps others (me) with a sincere heart. She is honest. She is creative. She is a great mom. I never have to go through things alone. I know my mom will always be there for me.

This Thanksgiving I am so happy to have the family I have and the family I grew up with. I wish I lived closer so I could see my family more often.  All those holiday's with the families are hard jokes; I don't get them. They don't apply to me. I love being with my family.  I know there were some rough years in the past, but that is not now. I am so thankful for my family.

My brothers and sisters are pretty awesome, too. Ryan is so funny. Much to the dismay of some, his photo shopping and sense of humor crack me up.  Abe is so smart and great with the money. He is the master at yard saleing. Who makes a living off of yard sales? That guy. Can I get a what wha? that is A-may-za-zing! Ben is a doctor. That is nuts and so rad. I have not seen him for so long. I can't wait to meet his wife and daughter and for him to meet my family. My husband will love him. My husband thinks I have the coolest family ever.

Melissa & Jeaniece are pretty. And they are pretty awesome themselves. I love talking baby with Melissa. Her daughter is 3 months older than Caden. I want to live closer. We could hang out and the cousins could grow up bff's!  Jeaniece is my best friend. She is funny and sensitive. She takes my crap and cries and then tells me I am mean and loves me anyways and calls back the next day, too. She is sweet and wouldn't ever hurt any one on purpose. She is loving and friendly. People are just drawn to her.

I love my dad. He is where my super hilarious brother and sisters and I derived our sense of humor. (Now he blushes at some of the things most of us still find funny.)  My husband thinks my dad is the best father in law he could ever get. He loves talking to him and visiting with him. My dad loves the out doors, hiking, fishing, camping, swimming, boating. I love the memories I have of camping, roughing it style with my family. I love how is such a great example of a caring loving husband and father.

In little ways we all change so much. I love my family and I think that as we get older for the most part we are really getting better with age. Ha. We are like cheese.  Yummm, cheese.

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