Monday, November 12, 2012

Grandma & Grandpa Kern

The quintessential grandparents. My friend once told me my grandma was the quintessential grandma. From her hair to her home decor.  If you lined up 10 or even 100 grandma's mine would be the one you'd pick as the image of the perfect grandma.  My grandparents are so cute. But, they are so much more than that. I know with out a doubt I am so lucky and blessed to have them in my life. For 35 years I have looked up to my grandparents. For 35 years I have been thankful that I am their granddaughter. 

On lil Cody's 1st trip to Disneyland. May 2008
I am thankful for all the times my grandparents took me to Disneyland when I was a kid. (Each year for my birthday.) And for all the times they they went with me after I was an adult. They taught me you are never to old to have fun. You are never to old to see the world through child like eyes. 

Later in 2008

I am thankful that when ever I call them with a problem my grandma gives me advice. Real thoughts. Then always ends with the advice I never think to remember when I am most upset. Pray. Pray about it. 

At the Riverwalk December 2009

I am thankful for the example they have been to me. They are strong. Strong in their Faith, strong in their Love, strong in their Knowledge of the gospel. They are funny. So funny.  If you ever have the privilege to play Phase 10 or Apples to Apples with them when they are tired you will know this. I love that my grandma & grandpa each have great a sense of humor. 

Grandpa, Me, Lil Cody, Big Cody & my Dad
I am thankful for the giggle fits grandma & I have had. There have been several occasions I remember us laughing so hard tears were coming out of our eyes.  
This was one of those times! 
I am so very thankful for all I have learned from them. For having someone to look up to my whole life. For being able to get to know them on an adult level as I have gotten older. For being able to hear their testimonies of the gospel time and again. For the example of righteous living I have had from them. And for the unconditional love they have always given me. 

My Grandma & Stephanie

I can't express how much they mean to me. I have so many great memories of our times together and things they have taught me. I love that I feel like I am their favorite grand daughter even though I am so far away from them and they insist they don't have a "favorite." (I know it's me!) I know they are awesome enough that all of their grand kids probably feel like they are loved and the fave!
 (Sorry cousins & sisters; it's me. Ha! Just kidding, sort of!)

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