Wednesday, November 14, 2012

My Sons; Changed my Life; Sealed my Destiny

Did you ever have that moment in your life that you knew was the one that was going to change your life forever?  I did. The morning I found out I was pregnant with lil Cody. Before him I thought I was happy and I thought I had a life I wanted. After him I found out how wrong I was.

As a kid when ever some one asked what I wanted to be when I grew up my answer was always "A Mom." In young women's when asked about our goals mine was to be a mom. I didn't care about college or even getting married then. I knew with out a doubt I wanted to be a mom. I needed a guy to get me there but he wasn't as important to me (then) as getting to be a mom. I got married young to a man who was not a member of the church. We tried to have kids. Turned out I couldn't get pregnant (then.) We started seeing a specialist and I started doing the tests and all. Started taking some of the pills, etc when we separated. I got a divorce thinking I couldn't have kids. In the years that followed I fell further and further away from the church. I gave up my goal of being a mom. I put myself in the mind frame that it was not to be for me. That I made bad decisions that in turn made it so I was not to get this dream. So I changed my dream. I found happiness in my friends, in my jobs, in spending time with my grandparents and family.  Then I got pregnant. Little Cody changed my life. He was the answer to a very old prayer and plea with my Heavenly Father. See how my life change by clicking hereClick

I was finally a mom! Who knew?! As I changed there was a man in process of changing him self. We met when my sweet Cody was 8 months old. They met the first time when he was almost 1. It was love. Big Cody and I fell for each other a while after that. In July of 2010 Cody was sealed to Big Cody and I.

Flash forward some years. Lil Cody is 3 1/2. We've been married almost 2 years. I am sick. Just got out of a nine day stay in a nice hospital. Some stomach problems, blah blah. All kinds of medicine and such to regulate it. Then I find out I am pregnant with Caden. I have to stop taking the medicines. The stomach issues pretty much cease. The kidney troubles are gone, too. Perfect. I love being pregnant! Thank you baby Caden!!  

Caden brought Team Mantor even more together. We are all united. I love that he was born sealed to my husband and I for time and eternity. When the going seems tough I just look into the faces of these little people. These souls the Lord has trusted me with to raise and love and teach. I worry I am not good enough for them, they make me want to be a better person. I love these boys. They changed my life.

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My Latino Greco-American Family! said...

I am so amazed by your lovely story of how your life changed for the better. I am having a fun time reading your posts, when I should be doing some school work. teehee.... I miss ya! I miss that friendship we had so many years ago. You are awesome!!! Happiness is flowing your way. :D