Monday, November 5, 2012

My Words; His Voice, Weird

I am thankful for all the funny stuff lil Cody says and how much my heart sings when he says funny stuff and calls me mom. 

A side note of thanks for his little kid voice saying the random stuff I say that is not so funny. Like, "don't ever talk to me like that again! and "do you understand what I am saying here?" He is my little parrot. I am a work in progress. Hearing myself in that little kid voice is still funny. 

He didn't talk for so long. He started talking at a normal age. Around 13 months he said about 10 words. Then he stopped. He stopped talking stopped using baby sign, all of it. He really didn't start talking again until he was almost 3. And then he said everything. People tell me how funny they think it is that he says such grow up stuff. I was happy to find out he knew so much more than I thought he did when he wasn't talking. 

Now he says stuff that is great. I have posted lots of stuff Cody says that has amused me on this blog so I will not add too many more today.  Just one more, " Mom, I am trying to do some thing here, geeze!"  Ha! 

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