Sunday, November 18, 2012

A Song in my Heart

What is a movie with out a soundtrack?
How would we ever know the bad guy was coming with out music? Or that this was a moment of suspense?
Would I have been sucked into SYTYCD or the first 2 season of Grey's Anatomy with out the music I enjoy?

I am seriously musically challenged.  I do not know artists or songs. I can't feel the beat. I am pretty much tone deaf.  I love music. I am thankful for music despite my disability. I can't still hear it and feel it.

Much like a movie I walk around with a sound track, although it is mostly only in my head. Music is such a big part of my life even though I am seriously the least musically knowledgeable person I have ever met.  I sing to my baby when  I am  he is upset. Little Cody sings to me. The other day Lil Cody was in the shower (Yes a stand up shower!) and I was at the sink and he was totally singing in the shower! My baby sings in the shower! I love it! That warmed my heart. I looked in the mirror and I had the goofiest proud momma look on my face.

I am thankful for the music and the musical people in my life.

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