Thursday, November 8, 2012

Here Kitty Kitty

I am thankful for my cats. 
With out a doubt I am a "cat person." 
Ever since I was a little girl I have loved cats. My mom has told me stories from before I was old enough to remember about my love of cats. Besides mama and dah dah, my first word was Meow. I kid you not. Ask my mom. My earliest cat memory was holding a lil black kitten in my grandma Kern's back yard. 

  I have had some awesome cats through the years. 
I remember swinging Draper by his tail and launching him into the ivy. I was like 4. Bless his kitty heart he came back to me when I called him. I thought it was a fun game. 
Samantha Jean Graves
Sami (Samantha Jean) was our family cat when I was growing up. Part Siamese but really pretty. And smart, too. (Sick and locked in the bathroom one day and she tried to use the potty. Ha!)  She had many a kitten. We gave most of them away but I got to keep a few through the years.  Mahtob. He stay with me when I was sick in jr high. He would lay next to me cuddling in the bed and pretend to sleep with one paw out and would open one eye and look at me. If I was looking at him he'd close the eye and pretend to go back to sleep. I remember the day he died (Of cat leukemia.) I was so sad.  

Mathob . . Circa 1988
From Sammy I also had Boswell, whom I wrote a poem about that I still have locked away in a trunk of important papers.

And later Sargent Wiley Tibbs Kitty Phone Cat. Sargent Tibbs for short. I was in jr high or high school. He was a miracle cat. He broke his leg on a fence bone sticking out and all. We took him to a vet. They fixed it, pins in the leg and stitches and meds, too! One day while he was recovering the phone rang. I ran to get it and stepped on him and his leg. I was home alone. He was hurt pretty bad. I took him into my room and laid him on the bed. I was crying so hard. I could see the white bone protruding out of his leg. I knelt down and with tears streaming out of my eyes I prayed that he would be ok. I prayed that we wouldn't have huge vet bills we couldn't afford. It had already cost so much.  When my mom got home she took him back to the vet. Not only was the bone back in place, but his leg was healing faster than they thought it would. It was as if only the stitches had broke. I can not tell you how great this was. And for that young woman that I was, it was a great testament to me of the power of prayer. 
A lil Bella posing as Sargent Tibbs

Pichan was a cat I had who owned the apartment I lived. If he was on the couch and you wanted to sit you had to ask him to move. It was his house after all. Ha! 

Bella and Lil Cody
More recently I have had Bella. My best girl. She, like my old cat Stoney who had 7 toes on each foot, did tricks. Played fetch, fling hair ties in the air and catch them in her  mouth. Hang on security door. Dress up in clothes. She was awesome. I got her at the bank I was working at. I took her every where. She was best friends with lil Cody when he was born. I have blogged about her before. I miss that ole gal. 

More Bella
Today we have Lady Girl and Mouse. Mouse is a cat in league with these cats I tell stories about. He is amazing. He doesn't do tricks or play fetch, but he loves me. No question about it. He came to us when I first moved to Texas. Like Bella, he chose me. After Bella got hit by a cat it was like he knew I had a hole in my heart and he tried his best to fill it. Then we moved and he got lost. Was missing for 3 months before we found him again. (Last year's Christimas miracle!) In the almost year since we found him he has become my cat again. Seriously He lays with me when I am nursing, He comes when I call. He talks to me in his cat way and I know what he wants or needs. 
Mouse and Cody

Did I mention I am a cat person and I am thankful for my cats? 


Charly said...

I love my cats too. =)

jeanice78 said...

this is the best post ever! thank you for being the crazy cat lady.