Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Crazy Cat Lady, P-shaw, as if!

So yesterday was my middle sons birthday. He turned 3. Since he was adopted and his birth mother wasn't forth coming we didn't know his actual birthday. But we put his birthday in the Wii Fit about as best as we could figure based on what the doctors told me and all. So November 26th he turned 3 years old. He joined our family when he was only a few months old in February 2010. He was pretty much abandoned and covered in oil and grime. He was as small as a mouse. He needed us. He picked us. Me.  Yesterday we had a party for him. I think he was a little surprised. He was a bit too cool for it. After all if you do the conversion he is really 21. But what ever, I know he liked the attention!  It was a great party!

We hung balloons.

 I made a game.
 The kids and I made him some presents and even made our own wrapping paper.

I made themed snacks. 

Edible Kitty Liter, Catnip Balls, Goldfishes Squared , Swedish fish with Rainbow baby fish egg balls

Cody lil' would not touch the "kitty liter" pudding with tootsie rolls. Ha! 

The birthday boy, Mouse with his sister Stephanie and brother Caden

Mouses older brother Cody & B

Giving Mouse his toy Cody made him

We wore party hats and took some photos!  Happy birthday Mousey my boy!


jeanice78 said...

ok....that was pure joy and entertainment. I love this so much! You are funny. This was better then Ben Afflek's b day party!

Charly said...

This put a huge smile on my face. Hilarious! The pictures of Mouse with the party hat on are priceless!