Sunday, November 11, 2012

Briiiing ... Briing

I am thankful for my phone. I don't use my phone for as many things as some, but I do use it for calling people, keeping in touch, taking pictures, and playing games. I use it for the scriptures, and hymns, and for keeping up on facebook. I use it to play games with my mom and dad pretty much daily now which I love. I use it to send my husband pictures of the kids during the day. I use it to take to my seester every day on her way to work. Like most people my generation and younger I can't imagine daily life with out it. And with all the apps, I can't imagine the endless things it can do that I don't even care to know. 

Enjoy these awesome pictures that I took with my phone:   

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Charly said...

Love your grandma post! So sweet!!! Love the phone pictures...there are some really great ones there. I laughed that you talk to your sister every day on her way to work--I do too...well to MY sister anyway. Haha!