Friday, November 9, 2012

Beauty Sleep, Pah-shaw!

I am thankful for sleep. I love sleep. Sleep may not make me more beautiful but I promise it helps make me nicer! Heehee! I have told many a people over the years that my dream job I'd like to have is to get paid for sleeping. (Being a stay at home mom is the real dream job, but that doesn't make the moo-lah, so...) I would love to get paid to sleep. I will sleep my regular 6 then go to work and sleep 8 hours there and get paid for that. I would be a happy lady, but alas no such job exsits that I know of. So I sleep when I can. I love naps, too.  I miss sleep sometimes, too. But I have a loving husband that doesn't mind me taking naps when he can watch the boys. It is nice. Oh, how I love sleep.

Caden Sleeping

Daddy sleeping under Cody
I almost forgot to mention. I enjoy times when others sleep too. Namely my kids and the day care kids. Now that we have a naptime routine I like their nap time too. Peaceful quiet.

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