Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Day 9 of 30 .... Oh, the Fun we Have

And the adventures we go on.

Little Cody,

There are so many fun things we do as a family and to entertain you and tire you out. We lived in Arizona when you were born.  When you were 3 months old I took you to Disneyland for the first time. (If you go back far enough in this blog you will see some of that adventure.)  Then later to the Grand Canyon, it was my first time and yours, too.  We also took a trip to Lake Tahoe. We went to San Diego for Aunt Melissa's wedding. We also went to Disneyland like 2 more times.  You also went to the movies a lot with mommy from the time you were about 15 days old until you were 2 years old.

Then a few months before you turned 2 we took our grandest adventure of all. We (well, me, my family, and the great people of my ward) packed up all of our stuff and loaded it in a giant U-haul and we moved to Texas.

Now we have family fun time adventures. This summer we got passes to Sea World since we are so close to it. You have so much fun running in the water areas and playing. They have a water park there. You love splashing around.  You are into exploring and learning about every thing. You know the names of the animals and love to point them out to me.

We have visited some of San Antonio's best land marks. A few weeks ago for Linda's last weekend with us we went to the riverwalk and Hemisfair park. We've been there lots of times. 

Last summer grandma Karen bought us season passes to the zoo. We love going there, too. (Usually when it is not so hot outside.)

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