Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Day 22 of 30...... can I get some sleep?

Really for mommy the answer is no. little Cody does not like to go to bed at night. We have not found any magical trick that work. and believe me we've tried them all.   Wearing him down, no naps, short naps, sleeping with him , letting him sleep in our bed , letting him stay up to lee falls asleep , ..... none of these things work for me ..... so I have a toddler with insomnia....  but once he's out. Oh boy.

he fell asleep in the bath this morning. or maybe he wasnt quite awake. Noe he's sleeping in his towels on my bed. I gotta finish getting ready and were off to work and school.... have a great day

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Jeaniece said...

ohhhh, I'm sorry. I have found using a star chart is working with my kids. It has done wonders. Once I put them to bed, if they do not get back up, they get a star. Kinda like the potty chart Ethan had. Once they get 50 stars, they get $5.00. So far it's working. I don't know what reward Cody likes, but you better have this corrected by the time I get there...hahahaha...just kidding. Sorry for your lack of sleep