Saturday, June 11, 2011

Day 12 of 30 …. Church: The 41 page on going Saga condensed to One page

A 3 year old with the wiggles. We’ve all been there. Or seen some one else’s monster child in the store or at church or a restaurant.  Temper tantrums, fits, hitting, biting, bouncing off the walls, throwing things. So, we leave sacrament meeting. I try to keep him in my arms on the couch, but that doesn't work. More screaming, then he gets free and dances, then he runs. He thinks the church building is his gymnasium. The halls are a perfect U shaped track for him to run around. The chairs provide a nice weight for him to push around. The tables are perfect for pushing a chair up to it and climbing off or jumping off (he is getting to be a bit more of a dare devil, too.)   If we go in a room I can hear sacrament meeting from (ie the primary room or relief society room) the piano becomes a great way to express him little self. Aaaaarrrrggggg!!!! This is a typical Sunday in my current world.  And it is not easy.

I have gotten all sorts of advise and knowing looks from people who have been there, too. (Or just know what they think might help.) And I appreciate every bit of it. Each week we are trying something. I think I am going to try for consistency now. We might be up and down a bit more but we will be in sacrament meeting more than out.  Nursery is a hard thing for me. His teachers are amazing, but for the first 5 minutes he cries and screams. I feel so bad. But he usually calms down. the last 2 weeks I didn't even subject his sweet teachers to that. We just left.  Yay, church. 49 minutes in the hall. 5 minutes passing out the primary roll and then home.

It will get better, I know.  {insert huge sigh here.}

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