Saturday, June 18, 2011

Day 18 of 30 ..... Seesters!

Big sisters & little brother:

So, Cody my boy,

As mentioned before you've been a "little brother" your whole life. Before your dad and I met and got married your "older sister" was a cat named Bella. Grandma Karen even brought your proud big sister Bella to the hospital after you were born but she didn't bring her inside. (I guess she wanted to stay on the good side of your nurses in the NICU.)
Bella and Grandma at the hospital

When you came home from the hospital you met Bella for the first time. You were buddies.
Bella was 7lbs heavier than you 

You loved her and kissed her and first crawled for her. And she loved (tolerated) you right back!

Sadly she passed away just after you turned 3 years old. I hope you are able to have some type of memory of her even though you were so young. She was, after all your first "sister" and pet.

2010: New year; New family; 2 new (human) Sisters!!

As you know Jan 2, 2010 your daddy Cody and I got married. Along with daddy came your 2 older sisters, Stephanie and Mariana. You were just under 2 when you met yer seesters. They loved you right away. You loved them right back. You know who they are. You talk to me about Stephanie all the time. You even seem to ask when she is coming again. Stephanie has a great time taking care of you. She loved helping you learn and takes great joy and pride in the progress you make. She is always telling her friends about you and all the totally cute things you do.
Mariana @ your 3rd birthday
With Stephanie @ Seaworld June 2011
 Mariana likes laughing at your silliness. Some times you like to call both of you sisters the same name. You think you are so funny.  You know both of their names, you are just silly.


In Arizona 2011
So, my sweet Cody, remember in life : Friends may come and go, but our family is forever!
Love, Mommy

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Jeaniece said...

Thats sweet....brought a tear to my eye. Not really, but it was almost there. <3 it and love your family!