Thursday, June 16, 2011

Day 17 of 30 ... Food...Yumm

What does this kid eat? Besides his foot and sock?

Sweets! Much like hi mommy he has a massive sweet tooth. He loves donuts and cookies. He gets majorly excited about "birthday cake" which includes all cakes and cupcakes, birthday or other wise. If we go to the gas station that has donuts in the morning I know I have to be prepared to buy one for him or brace myself for a 5 minute temper tantrum back in the car. He loves his donuts!

He also is a pretty good fruit eater. Peaches, pears, strawberries, oranges and most recently apples are amongst his favorites now.

Cody took another favorite food habit from his mommy. He loves popcorn. He knows how to make the microwave popcorn. he just can reach the microwave by himself.

For dinner he has 2 all time favorites. More than any thing else and no matter what I have made Cody likes to show his Independence. He likes to choose to eat "his" foods. He opens the fridge and pulls out his "B-loney" or his "hot gogs." This kid will hardly eat any thing else for dinner.

Some other foods he seems to really like are:
O's (as in Cherrios of the generic honey nut variety)
any candy his can convince us to give him
and meat. 

Miss Liz at day care says he eat pretty much what ever is on his plate at daycare, so I am glad he gets more nutrition that what is listed above.  About ever other day he surprises me and eats something different. So that is good, too!  

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