Saturday, June 4, 2011

Day 6 of 30 - Words with Meaning

Before Cody could talk at all I remember some one telling me that when he could talk I would start to wish he wouldn't.  Let me tell you, maybe it is because of his speech delay or maybe it is just because I take such joy in him and the small things, but I love love love it when he starts a new phrase or saying.  He is still behind in speech quite a bit. We are working with him, but I wanted to share some of the cute and / or funny things he is saying these days.

  • Whatcha doing? = He will ask me this all the time. I tell him and ask him what he is doing. He rarely answers what he is actually doing. Most kids about this age start the whole "Why?" thing, but not my guy. It is "whatcha doin?" (Thanks Isabella, from Phineas & Ferb)
  • Hey, what's the big idea? = I think this came from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. I love that he totally uses this in the right context.  I told him I forgot his blanket one morning after we were already in the car and he replied with a, "Hey, Whats the big idea?"  He also used that line when I told him he couldn't have any more juice.
  • I can't reach it. = This is amusing because it is usually when he is referring to something we have intentionally placed out of his reach.
  • I'm stuck! = He started saying this during our trip to AZ last March. He said it when I was holding him so he wouldn't run in front of the people playing the Wii.  Nowadays he says it when he is in his car seat and the car has stopped. Or when he gets his foot between the couch cushions. Usually in that case the funny man is not stuck at all, just wanting attention.
  • Water all gone now = he has been saying this one for a while. When the bath water is out or draining.
  • See you later! = He talls this to people every time we leave. Leave the house and Cody or the cat are there, leave the day care, leave church, leave the store. It is so cute to hear him say.
He has a whole slew of things he randomly blurts out that I know are from the TV. Like:

  • Mishka Moushka Mickey Mouse
  • Oh, toodles!
  • Chugg uh chugg uh chugg us chugg uh chuggington
  • Zooming through the sky little einstiens
He is always telling me, "Mommy's car!" When he sees my car. Every day when I pick him as we are walking to the car he says it.  He also points out daddy's car.  None of his words are 100% all the time but these all of these phrases everyone seems to understand.

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Jeaniece said...

ha ha...his foot is actually not stuck...funny stuff