Monday, June 6, 2011

Day 8 of 30 . . . That's Music to my Ears

Oh, the songs this one loves to sing.

I already mention how he sings. These are some of the things he likes to sing:
He can sing the whole theme song to Little Einsteins.
He loves singing the ABC's
The 4th Article of Faith Song
Popcorn Popping
Old McDonald Had a farm
The A says Ah

We had a CD made that had his name in the 8 songs 102 times, but is sprouted legs and walked away. Cody loved that CD.  He also likes the songs I make up for him.  "Soapin up the Boy" for bath time.  "We come here to Brush our Teeth,"  "The Potty Song," and many more I am sure.

I have been having hard time getting my videos to post from my phone to the computer. They lose sound. I have not had the energy or time to figure it out. Sinking fancy phone!

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