Monday, June 20, 2011

Day 20 of 30 . . . Nom nom nom

Changing anger to humor. That is what my 3 year old does. He has quite a little temper on him some times. He get frustrated and started to act out. We have really been working with him to not hit or push or throw things or bite and to use words.  But he still has a hard time.

When he gets mad at me he squeezes my arm, so I give him "the look." And then he pretends to eat the part of my arm he just grabbed by putting his hand up to his mouth and saying. Yum, yum.  He also holds his hand up like he might hit me but pretends to eat it instead. He then thinks he is funny. I often find this amusing myself and it keeps him from getting in trouble. I have to try to hide my smile. 

Man, this kid has got my number.